Near North Development Corporation fosters community revitalization by catalyzing housing and economic development and connecting stakeholders to resources, opportunities, and each other.

In late October 2012, NNDC embarked on its strategic planning process, deliberately foregoing the use of a professional consultant in favor of direct and full engagement by staff, and Board of Directors in every aspect of planning.  Download the 2013-2015 NNDC Strategic Plan.

Mission: The prior mission statement clearly defined the vision for the community, but failed to define the role of NNDC or how to achieve the vision.  The organization’s new mission statement is intentionally short, clear, and concise – community revitalization is NNDC’s purpose.

Strategic Priorities: NNDC identified five critical considerations that will guide their work over the next three years.

  • Focus activities on Core Competencies and align all aspects of the organization to maximize the effectiveness of our efforts.
  • Develop strategic Collaborations that leverage NNDC’s unique strengths and abilities, and bring to bear resources and expertise it lacks.
  • Build Earned Income; performance-based revenues “earned” through successful delivery of projects and programs.
  • Communicate who we are, what we do, and why it matters to stakeholders, funders, peers, and other partners.
  • Provide the community with opportunities for Direct Engagement with NNDC and our activities.

Learn more about the organization, future plans, and the strategic planning process by downloading the full document: 2013-2015 NNDC Strategic Plan.


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